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    Trend is an exciting range of hot colours in a linear design. The contrasting darker stripe helps to reduce soiling, while still allowing a very vibrant range of colours that are ideal for creating highlight features, borders or complete floor areas.

    This product should be installed quarter turn – creating a dramatic array of colour and texture on your floor. With 23 colours to choose from, you’re bound to find a combination that works perfectly for your commercial property scheme. The positive effect of colour on how people interact with their surroundings, means Trend enables you to create the ideal environment for many employees.

    • Great Inspiration – an exciting range of colours to enable designers to create inspiring interiors
    • Quality – quality construction, produced from a heavy contract nylon fibre
    • Flexibility – this product can be used in open office areas, as well as a highlight or feature tile


    • Tile Size

    • 500 x 500mm

    • Total Thickness

    • 5.7mm

    • Pile Weight

    • 580g/m2

    • Total Weight

    • 4,090g/m2

    • Guarantee

    • 10 years

    • Select View:
    • Room View
    • Directional View
    • Detail View