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    August, 2020

    Anti-slip step inserts sales indicate projects are underway

    Our Artech Systems business, which offers anti-slip integrated step inserts on large internal and external projects has once again started to motor, an indication perhaps that major construction projects are once again underway.

    Our Artech Stepline range can be found in colleges, stadiums and prestigious retail stores – the list includes City of Glasgow College, SSE Hydro , Hugo Boss Manchester , Wembley Stadium and York Minster to name but a few. This business has been helping specifiers and contractors with their requirements since 2002.

    Available for immediate delivery the range offers the opportunity to install onsite or pre-set into the steps during production. The products are produced in a range of sizes and shapes and include stainless steel, solid brass, carborundum and composite integrated step inserts. Suitable to be included in terrazzo, concrete, marble, natural stone, cast stone and timber.

    It is not only a legal requirement to ensure steps are safe but from a design perspective you want them to also be aesthetically pleasing and the Stepline range of anti-slip step inserts meets just that need. We work with you to ensure you have just what you need in record time. Visit the Artech website for more details and call us on 01592 630030 to discuss your requirements – we are here to help with small and large project requirements. As the market picks up, we know you want a reliable UK supplier that gives you a quality product, fast delivery and that makes installation easy.

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