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    When we ask our customer why they choose us, the answer more often than not is ‘because of our people’. It is the fact we go the extra mile on service, have a passion for the products we sell, and have a high level of industry expertise, that makes us their flooring supplier of choice.

    Our passion
    for service

    It is not just our passion for flooring and expert attention to detail that makes us a good partner for your interior design project.

    We understand project limitations and timescales. We make ordering samples simpler and getting decisions faster. We focus all our attention on providing you with the perfect canvas to meet your aspirations within your budget.

    We don’t want to offer you designs that are out of the box and impractical; we offer a range of popular designs that will stand the test of time and are immediately available. In short, we provide inspiration, exceptional value and an unparalleled personal service within our field of expertise.

    Creative thinking inside the box from Duraflor.

    Our knowledge and expertise

    Our knowledge of flooring goes much deeper than choosing the best flooring range for your budget, we pride ourselves on the fact that our staff understand the limitations of different environments and can assist with product decisions beyond the floor coverings themselves.

    We guide you through a project from start to finish, and are always available to provide additional advice once the floor has been laid. Read OUR STORY (below) and learn about our FLORSUPPORT Service, to understand how we are able to make your projects so much easier.