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    November, 2023

    Safety Flooring with Style

    The CIENNA COLLECTION is a mainstay within the DURAFLOR range. This is why we are excited to announce that CIENNA has been revitalised to once again offer you safety without compromising on style.

    Aesthetically Pleasing Safety Flooring

    A harmonious blend of safety flooring designs inspired by the timeless elegance of wood, stone, concrete and terrazzo. Each design has a genuine authenticity of its natural counterpart. Crafted for durability and safety, the CIENNA COLLECTION is the ideal choice for environments where slip hazards are a concern and exceptional aesthetics are paramount.

    Designed to be Durable

    This range boasts a  PTV rating of 36+ for slip resistance, thanks to its innovative grip technology. With a generous 2-meter width option, it minimizes the need for seams, providing a more comprehensive and hygienic flooring solution.

    New Design Possibilities

    The CIENNA refresh heralds a diverse array of designs, catering to a multitude of environments. Venetian Stone, making its debut in the DURAFLOR range, introduces the timeless charm of Terrazzo. Meanwhile, Amber Oak and Fossil Stone pay homage to the classic wood and stone aesthetics that have cemented CIENNA’s status as an industry staple.

    Check out the new CIENNA COLLECTION !

    To fully explore the reimagined CIENNA COLLECTION and to engage with one of our knowledgeable sales team members, do not hesitate to contact us at 0330 053 2500.



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