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    January, 2020

    Duraflor are now on Pinterest with some very inspiring boards that take insights from colour trends, texture, nature and of course the design and build environment within which we operate.

    However, as we were adding the Pantone colour of the year Classic Blue, it got us thinking beyond our Blue Pinterest Board, with its stunning blue carpet tiles and inspiring designs, to the meaning of blue sky thinking itself. A natural leap for us, but what about ‘blue sky thinking’ being a natural leap for everyone? We found a great article on ‘thinking outside of the box’ – or rather thinking ‘inside the box’ and why that might be preferable.

    The article explains the need to think about the constraints of the box to truly come up with innovative solutions that work. In other words, the box actually defines the realities and the details that you need for your idea to have any legs. This is where Duraflor, as experts in flooring can really help. Our heritage, and the unique experience of our staff, means we really understand the needs of both flooring contractors and designers. We actually talk about this and our philosophy around ‘creative thinking inside the box’ on our people page.

    Our ranges are both inspired and practical, and created with differing budgets in mind. Ranges that are grounded in the reality of a client’s needs, yet still reflect the inspiration we all seek from platforms such as Pinterest.

    While Duraflor are now on Pinterest, so you can see our tiles and some of the inspiration behind them in the virtual environment; we also offer a very special Project Service, you might find of interest to. A sample presentation box with a selection of tiles from different ranges, so you have everything you need to help either you or a client make a quick decision. We will even write the project or client name on the box for you. So if it is a selection of blue tiles you are looking for in 2020, look no further we are here to help.

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