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    November, 2018

    Duraflor commissioned the design agency, Arnold Jones Associates Design (AJA Design) to refresh our brand and to re-develop our website. We were keen that the website not only reflected the style of our new branding but genuinely focused on what our customers have told us they want from us.

    We are delighted with the results so we asked AJA Design’s Managing Director, Lisa Rossiter to reflect on the project, giving her perspective on the new look and feel:

    “Duraflor’s unwavering commitment to their customers is totally aligned with how my agency operates, and so I was delighted to be given the opportunity to produce a website that reflects ‘all that is Duraflor’.”

    “I believe the outcome is a website that delivers great visual design, content and an intuitive navigation. The site is packed full of images and useful information, yet simple to use and uncluttered in its appearance.”

    “What are my favourite things? The Project Sample Service is a great tool, and I can see this being a big hit with interior designers when presenting to clients. The site includes an online floor calculator, room set examples, high-resolution detailed samples, as well as directional samples, that you can drop straight into Sketchup.”

    “We kept the popular Practical Design pages from the previous website of this new site so that it remains packed with lots of tips and advice, which really reflects Duraflor’s expertise in their sector. I believe that Duraflor’s unique blend of design inspiration and a practical approach are truly reflected within the website.

    On a personal note, I would also like to extend a big thank you to Duraflor for believing in us, and an equally big thank you to my team for making it all happen.”

    The team at Duraflor hope you are impressed with all the great changes we have made, do take a look at all the new functionality, great ranges showcased and the depth of service we continue to offer. Visit AJADesign

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