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    February, 2020

    When it comes to knowing what designers and flooring contractors want, the flooring experts at Duraflor think they have it covered, especially with this new looselay range. Espressa is an impressively fast and stylish flooring solution in so many ways….

    Created specifically with the needs of the interior designer in mind. We understand the importance of making a good first impression; and the ability to instantly create a stunning look, particularly one that will stand the test of time.

    When we were thinking of a name for this range, we wanted to conjure up that idea of an ‘impressive’, yet ‘instantly achieved’ look that didn’t restrict the opportunity to ‘express’ creativity. Something that even a tight range of well-designed Luxury Vinyl Tiles can afford, if carefully selected.

    This concise but on-trend colour range is available from stock.  This enables us to offer a fast turnaround, but but still meet many of the design and specification requirements of a busy commercial environment. We appreciate for project managers and for flooring contractors offering both these benefits is a major factor, when determining a supplier.

    However, the benefits don’t stop there, being loose lay means installation is fast and easy, and with a wear layer of 0.7mm and an R10 slip-rating, the range is ideal for heavy traffic areas.

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