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    August, 2019

    Why hexagonal carpet tiles are changing how flooring is perceived

    Hexagonal Carpet Tiles create a real statement on the floor, so it is no surprise we are finding that the demand for them continues to grow.

    We have been exploring a little further the reasons for their success:

    • One reason is clear, they liven up an office space. They can catch the eye yet can still be quite subtle in terms of colour and texture. That is probably why our Progression Hexxtile is so popular.
    • Hexagon Carpet Tiles can be used to create zones in an open plan office, especially with a pop of colour.
    • With the art deco revival and the growing demand for geometric patterns on the floor, the Duraflor Hexxtile range is right on trend.
    • Hexagons as a shape is strongly associated with nature and strength. It is a shape existing in nature in bee hives, so it makes sense that it would create a feeling of togetherness. The psychology of shapes is an interesting topic which lends itself to flooring design.

    We are showcasing our Hexxtile Range in our Clerkenwell Showroom, so if you would like to see the ranges for yourself along with our 2019 launches don’t hesitate to contact us.

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