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    May, 2019

    Cubism and Magnitude Carpet Tile Ranges launched at CDW


    Already buzzing due to the positive feedback from our research around the new Natural Terrain Collection, Duraflor are pleased to announce 2 additional ranges that are being prepared for launch at CDW.

    CUBISM is our twist on a modernist style.  This range introduces a more subtle effect, yet still plays with the geometric shapes that remain a timeless feature in many interior design concepts. In Cubism, we also combine luxury and style, with the sustainability credentials that any modern office demands.

    MAGNITUDE is a linear range, yet it is very distinctive with varying subtle degrees of straight line patterns all pointing in the same direction. In fact, we see this new carpet tile range is a dynamic one directional force, that is a perfect addition to any floor plan.

    We can’t wait to show you all our new ranges, so please contact us for an appointment or visit our Gee Street showroom during CDW 2019.


    Feature Image: Cubism Picasso Blue

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