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    March, 2022

    Ideas for the Destination Offices

    As a company we like to follow the latest trends and one that we are hearing more about is the “destination office”. No real surprise that after the pandemic, companies must do more to attract their workforce back to the office. Also, no real surprise that employers want to change the way that office space is used.

    The key elements of this are:

    Placing technology at the centre of thinking, particularly relevant with hybrid working. Also creating technology enabled spaces for quiet and collaborative work.

    Collaboration is a key aspect – one of the key reasons for coming to the office is to collaborate with colleagues face to face rather than virtually. Furniture and space need to accommodate this. Considerations also needs to be given to an increased desire for safety and wellbeing.

    Flooring is a great enabler of zoning and a consideration when it comes to noise levels. There are multiple benefits to transition cues given by changes in the floor covering, as you move to different environments.

    We also appreciate that 2022 has been besieged with issues of stock levels and rising prices, so create a “destination office” in the current environment can be taxing. We genuinely believe we are the solution. We can offer a selection of popular floorcoverings that are competitively priced and available for next day delivery.

    Take a look at our blog on “Destination Offices” and be sure to make Duraflor your next destination when it comes to finding the right flooring for your revamp project ideas. Call 01592 630 030 now, we are here to assist.

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