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    5 bold colours that belong in your office

    August, 2018

    Introducing bold colour to your workplace might seem risky, but get it right and the advantages in productivity and creativity are more than worth it.

    Bold colour splashed across a wall or floor can inspire confidence and creativity or create that positive first impression. It can even make the difference between a successful brainstorming session and one where communication fails to happen. Using colour in office design has proven links with productivity, although the full picture is a complex one dependent on colour and saturation. Put simply, the bolder the colour the more stimulating it can be, depending on the task environment.

    Purple: create the right first impression

    In colour psychology, purple is associated with quality, sophistication and royalty. Consider using stunning Fibre Optic Hexxtile flooring in a lobby to create a first impression that imprints those qualities on your visitor from the minute they enter your office.

    Yellow: foster decision making

    Yellow energises and inspires positivity and confidence. But yellow can also create eyestrain and fatigue if splashed with too broad a brush. The ideal colour to promote creative thinking and decision making, why not use yellow as a wayfinding tool in the office?

    We again recommend Hexxtiles in on-trend Broadband yellow to create ease of navigation around your building. Why not use the tiles to mark out a ‘yellow brick road’ or simply use yellow to delineate creative spaces marked out with accessories or even a stripe of yellow paint.

    Red: attention to detail

    Red creates a powerfully physical emotion that’s associated with the fight or flight reflex. That’s why it’s an ideal colour for alerting the brain to the need to get the fine details right.

    You can use bold red accents or a floor covering like Hexxtile in Jet Engine Red and you’ll create a state of vigilance where tasks require a high level of caution and attention to detail. For tasks that involve a clear right or wrong answer, bold red heightens our ability to avoid mistakes.

    Green: creativity and calm

    Green unites the emotional intensity of yellow and the thoughtfulness of blue for calm creativity. Think of an intense colour block of Laser green carpet tiles put together with soothing natural textures of cork. Together these elements can create the right atmosphere of calm reflection for a quiet room or solo working pod.

    Blue: successful brainstorming

    Blue is something of a cliche in office colour psychology. Many office design schemes involve painting everything blue and adding orange accents as a supposedly failsafe recipe for productivity. But while there’s no doubt that blue aids clear communication and helps clear the mind for more intellectual tasks, it should be handled with care and kept for specific task environments.

    Exploit the mindfulness of blue by creating a breakout space that introduces texture and geometry to create strong visual content – hardwearing Hexxtiles in Roomba marry a strong shape with a clear blue that brings to mind oceans and cloudless skies. It’s those cues that help blue create the ideal environment for exploring ideas and creating enduring solutions.

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