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    5 ways to create an amazing, on-brand office with carpet tiles

    May, 2018

    There are certain practicalities when you’re designing an office space that can feel quite limiting. However, carpet tiles provide a lot of amazing benefits and are frequently considered the best flooring solution for your space and budget needs. They also present a lot of great design opportunities, if you know how to use them.

    The benefits of carpet tiles:

    Carpet tiles have loads of great benefits, including:

    Being incredibly simple and easy to fit.

    Providing quality flooring at less expense.

    Offering a durable flooring solution.

    Being easy to maintain, with the ability to replace single tiles where needed, rather than whole floors.

    Providing a lot of creative opportunities.

    Here are five great ways to create an impressive, on-brand office with carpet tiles…

    1. Names and colour bands

    Nothing defines your brand quite so much as your name, and carpet tiles can be surprisingly versatile when it comes to including your name on the very halls you tread. If that feels a little much, or you don’t have a brand name that lends itself to block lettering, a simple band of your main brand colour, strategically placed in a floor that is otherwise a neutral, contrasting colour is very effective.

    2. Paths and gardens

    Think of designing an office like landscape gardening, and use your carpet tiles to create paths through and around areas of activity. The human brain is incredibly clever when it comes to recognising patterns and will instinctively stick within the confines of areas that stand out. Creating blocks of carpet for your working areas, with paths in different colours will help keep key areas needed for easy access clear of office clutter, and look very smart too.

    3. Cubicles without boundaries

    While you’re defining working spaces, if you have a cubicle office you might think about opening it up into something a little more spacious by foregoing the usual walled cubicles and using carpet areas to designate cubicles instead. Without the walls boxing everyone in there will be more room for collaboration and a somewhat less claustrophobic atmosphere.

    4. Colour code your zones

    If you have a production line or a workflow that requires the systematic movement of products and work from one physical space to another, using carpet colours to define different areas is very effective. Likewise, if you have areas that can only be used for certain tasks, or materials that can’t be taken into specific locations, a colour coding system is a visual and easy way to tell people what they should be doing and where.

    5. Directing traffic

    Carpet tiles can also be used to work ingenious directions into the floor. From arrows directing the flow of foot traffic, to bands, bars, and boxes identifying emergency escape routes and more.

    With so many great opportunities to be creative and fun is it time you were using carpet tiles in a more dynamic way, and elevating your floor into something more than simply the thing everyone stands on?

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