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    Bold colour in the office

    October, 2019

    The power of bold colour in the office


    Modern offices are a far stretch from the magnolia walls and brown carpet tiles you might remember from decades ago. As growing research supports the idea that colour in the office can help boost productivity and staff morale, companies are using colour in their offices more than ever before.

    Make offices fun and engaging

    Bright colour splashes, comfortable seating, flexible layouts and creative meeting spaces are replacing dull and uninspiring interiors in offices across the country. In the 21st century, many modern businesses are choosing to make their offices a fun, engaging and creative space, where their employees enjoy working and want to spend time.

    Staff happiness and wellbeing are increasingly crucial to businesses, from tiny start-ups to major international corporations. There are many ways forward-thinking companies are changing their spaces to get the best out of their staff, from co-working spaces to smoothie bars and to new commercial flooring, that clearly reflects the activity of the space. Many office managers are making use of bold colours and shades, which are taking over the interior design world to create an office that boosts mood and enhances performance.

    The value of colour

    The value of colour and design in office spaces has also been proven in several scientific studies. Research has shown that 80% of office staff in the UK think that the colour of their surroundings plays a significant role in both their emotions and performance. However, despite this, 67% of participants thought their offices were drab and dismal and 98% disliked modern offices with a high-tech look, with white walls and tinted glass windows. With this in mind, its important businesses try and avoid bleak, corporate and uninspiring spaces and embrace colourful design and imaginative design solutions.

    Design can play a crucial role in attracting the best and brightest new talent. A modern, colourful office is essential for creative businesses like architects, marketing companies and tech businesses. If staff productivity is a concern in your business, it could be worth looking at introducing new colours. Blue has been shown to enhance mood and aid brain function, and green interiors have been used to calm and soothe for many years. Mood-boosting colours like orange and yellow can also help with promoting creativity.

    How Duraflor can help

    One great way of introducing colours to the office is a bright and bold floor. At Duraflor, we have a stunning range of colourful commercial carpet tiles which are perfect for a modern office. Our new hexxtile range is a great choice, with a modern, geometric design that appeals to millennials and modern businesses.

    With commercial carpet tiles, you don’t have to settle on just one colour either. Different colours can be used to demark spaces, like meeting rooms and break rooms in an open-plan office. A pattern can be created with geometric floor tiles to introduce pops of colour, creating a unique and inspiring look. The design scheme of an office is increasingly important as your business grows and takes on new staff. Getting the basics right, like a colourful commercial floor and bright feature walls gives your employees the best chance to enjoy their surroundings and work to their best ability.

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