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    Carpet Tiles over Broadloom: A Flooring Contractor’s Perspective

    March, 2024

    Advantages of Carpet Tiles over Broadloom

    When compared with traditional broadloom carpet, carpet tiles are particularly advantageous to both flooring contractors as well as designers. In fact, there is little wonder they are the more natural choice for commercial projects, offering flooring contractors speed, versatility, greater sustainability credentials and overall customer satisfaction.

    Streamlined Installation Process

    Carpet tiles offer a distinct advantage with their modular design, significantly simplifying the installation process for contractors. Unlike the broadloom option, which demands precise measurements, extensive cutting, and meticulous fitting, carpet tiles are designed for quick and straightforward handling and installation. This not only accelerates project timelines but also leads to cost savings, benefiting both contractors and their clients.

    Unparalleled Design Flexibility

    The design versatility of carpet tiles is unmatched. They enable flooring contractors to exercise their creativity, offering bespoke solutions tailored to each client’s needs. With the ability to mix and match tiles for custom patterns, bold statements, or subtle design accents, contractors can easily adapt to the specific style and ambiance desired for the space. This level of customisation is a significant advantage, allowing contractors to stand out in a competitive market by showcasing their ability to deliver tailored and impactful flooring solutions.


    Enhanced Sustainability

    Sustainability is a critical consideration in today’s construction and renovation projects. Carpet tiles excel in this area, providing a more environmentally friendly option. Their modular nature means less waste during installation, and should a section become worn or damaged, only the affected tiles need to be replaced, not the entire floor. Furthermore, many carpet tiles are made from recycled materials and are themselves recyclable, contributing to a reduced environmental footprint. This commitment to sustainability is increasingly important to clients and can be a key factor in their flooring choice.

    Simplified Maintenance and Repairs

    Maintenance and repairs are more straightforward with carpet tiles than with broadloom carpets. The ability to replace individual tiles as needed not only reduces waste and expense but also minimises disruption to the client’s operations. This convenience is enhanced by the durability and stain resistance built into carpet tiles, ensuring they remain in top condition with minimal effort. Duraflor manufacture a variety of heavy-duty carpet tile ranges that reduce the amount of required maintenance post-installation.


    In conclusion, for flooring contractors, the benefits of carpet tiles – from their efficient installation and unique design possibilities to their sustainable attributes and ease of upkeep – make them a compelling choice for commercial projects. These advantages align with both the practical needs of the installation process and the broader goals of sustainability and client satisfaction, reinforcing carpet tiles as the superior option for modern flooring needs.

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