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    Dark or light flooring?

    July, 2019

    Choosing between dark and light flooring


    These days floors come in all kinds of colours, but the challenge always comes back to deciding on whether to choose something light or dark flooring. With mixed messages on which is easier to keep clean and which will match the decor better, here are a few tips that can help you make the right decision for your office:

    Showing the dirt

    Both carpet and vinyl are easy to maintain, so showing dirt isn’t so much of a problem, but it can be one of the considerations when determining the tone of the flooring.

    If you’re opting for carpet tiles, then lighter colours will show stains more easily than darker ones. This is because most stains will be caused by mud from shoes or food and drink, which are dark such as coffee. However, if you’re opting for vinyl floors, the opposite is true. It’s easy to wipe up mud and spills from light floors, but darker vinyl will show things like dust very clearly, making it important to sweep or vacuum more regularly. The best way to avoid dirt and stains showing regardless of the material, however, is to choose a dark or light coloured floor that has multiple shades or patterns in it.

    The illusion of space

    Lighter flooring gives the illusion of more space in any room, especially when paired with white walls and plenty of natural light. However, darker flooring with light walls can create a more dramatic, modern look. It’s also easy to use carpet tiles to mark out certain zones of the office in a darker shade to really draw the eye. Darks overall create more drama in rooms with lots of light. Dark walls and floors will make a room seem smaller and that might actually be something you look to achieve, for example to create a more intimate environment to relax in, or not make an open plan office seem too vast.

    Easier to scratch

    Typically, darker floors are more prone to showing scratches, though this is much less of a concern with vinyl than it would be with hardwood floors. However, if you or your client does work in an industry where scratches are common, it may be a good idea to go for a lighter coloured floor.

    Creating an appropriate look

    Of course, you also have the option of going for a bold, distinctive colour like red or yellow. But, in addition to tone it is worth considering colour psychology and the importance of light to stimulate creativity, productivity and wellbeing.

    It is also worth considering the ambience you want to create. Lighter hardwood effect floors for an example, can create a sunnier, more cheerful atmosphere. Dark floors exude classic elegance, and seem more aligned with nature and are perceived as warmer than lighter wood floors. Dark flooring can create the visual impression of the earth beneath your feet, which can encourage feelings of emotional security, and make a room feel more inviting.

    Get in touch

    Here at Duraflor, we have a whole range of commercial flooring solutions to suit you. Whether you’re looking for lighter or darker colours or just need a little help, we are more than happy to advise.

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