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    Forget boring – Think bright for your office

    December, 2017

    Is your office decor a bit on the drab side? Add some colour to your working life – it could improve your productivity and the feel of your workplace.

    If your office decor involves a lot of dark shades, drab colours or dull tones, then you may be impacting on the productivity of your employees. An article by Entrepreneur recently examined how, based on studies by Texas University, the colour of an office can directly impact on how well your staff get on with work. Here are some top tips for bringing some colour to your workspace:

    Add accents

    To a plain office, adding accent colours can be a great way to include colour in the workplace. From desk dividers to office chairs, opting to bring in a bit of colour can make all the difference to any space, and when combined with white walls and a light floor, it can even make a room appear much airier and larger than it is.

    For a cheap and simple solution, ask each employee to bring something colourful in to decorate their desk; adding that little something personal to each workstation. Not only will it make your office brighter, but it will also make your employees happier too.

    Change up your flooring

    A drab and past-it carpet can bring any room down, and the more worn it is, the less cared-for your office looks. Opt to update your place of work easily with carpet tiles, which can be arranged to form simple patterns and even pixel art for a creative and vibrant effect. With tiles available in every colour of the rainbow, carpet is the perfect way to make over a tired-looking room.

    If a carpet isn’t suitable for your environment, then consider an attractive and robust vinyl as an alternative. Available in a myriad of colours and styles, vinyl is not only hard-wearing, but it also lasts a long time and looks fresh for years with very little care.

    Look at the psychology

    According to psychologists, colour can have a direct and consistent atmosphere to people. It can even affect concentration levels and mood. If you find your office is a bit on the subdued side, opt for splashing about some more yellows and greens to promote a positive and fresh mood, as well as making any space look larger and more modern. A combination of greys and whites lend itself to very modern and clean environment, while blues and purples are the colour of concentration, making it perfect for an office that struggles with productivity.

    Colour can also be used to designate the role of different areas. With many offices opting for ‘relaxation’ or ‘recharging’ areas, choosing to make these rooms calm, pale colours in comparison to strong colours in passionate and productivity-heavy zones can be a great way to help employees transition between parts of their workday.

    Considering adding some colour to your office? Duraflor have a number of ranges in both Carpet Tiles and Performance Vinyls that add colour to any office environment.

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