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    How flooring helps sustainability legislative requirements

    October, 2023

    How flooring helps sustainability – meeting UK regulations

    In a world increasingly driven by environmental concerns, the flooring industry has always been leading the agenda, but there is notable shift in the importance of sustainability now plays in construction, as many organisations look to hit UK legislative sustainability targets.

    Sustainability Takes Centre Stage

    For contractors and architects, the demand for sustainable solutions is at an all-time high. Beyond aesthetics, today’s clientele seeks eco-friendly practices. The long-term impact of unsustainable methods, including resource depletion and carbon emissions, has propelled the industry to demand greater evidence of sustainability credentials in flooring projects.

    Material Choices: The Essence of Sustainability

    Material selection stands as a pivotal decision for contractors and architects on the sustainability journey. Eco-friendly materials have emerged as game-changers, offering alternatives that combine durability with environmental responsibility. Re-cycled yarn and environmentally friendly backings are just one of the many attributes designers, architects and specifiers look for.

    Carbon Footprints and Legislative Influence

    Aware of the industry’s carbon footprint, contractors and architects are strategising to minimise environmental impact. Local material sourcing reduces transportation emissions and supports local economies. Incorporating energy-efficient technologies during manufacturing aligns with broader environmental goals. Landlords and specifiers alike need to be aware of the need to future proof properties.

    Innovative Installation Techniques

    Going beyond materials, contractors and architects are driving innovation in installation techniques. Low-VOC adhesives replace traditional VOC-containing options, promoting improved indoor air quality. Forward-thinking installation methods, emphasising waste reduction and resource optimisation, underscore the industry’s dedication to sustainable practices.

    Legislation as a Guide

    For contractors and architects, UK Government legislation plays a significant role in shaping sustainability efforts. Understanding environmental regulations relating to building construction is an essential element of building design as everyone strives to meet 2050 targets.

    Towards a Sustainable Horizon

    By championing eco-friendly materials, reducing carbon footprints, driving installation innovation, and complying with governmental mandates, the industry charts a course towards a more responsible and resilient future.

    To see how Duraflor is contributing to a more sustainable environment, take a look at our sustainability page.

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