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    How to ensure contractor collaboration in re-fit projects

    April, 2021

    Contractor collaboration saves time and cost.


    The construction industry, and particularly how contracts are set up, does not naturally encourage sub-contractors to work together. Margins are often tight and everyone is keen to protect their piece of the pie. The truth is however, that working together will eliminate downtime and potentially result in massive savings for all concerned. That can’t be the main contractors sole responsibility, it relies on everyone doing their bit. Collaboration in the construction industry has been written about before, as you’ll note in this interesting article, but it is worth reflecting on some of the key points previously raised.

    Communication, cooperation, and stringent planning


    One of the keys to successful working side by side with other contractors is good communication from the outset.

    We found an excellent diagram that covers 3 key principles

    Common Vision

    Collaborative Culture

    Collaborative Precesses & Tools

    It is vital to ensure everybody is on the same page when it comes to the project. Leave things open to interpretation, means everyone will interpret the project slightly differently.  Having a clearly defined start and end dates for everyone involved and with everyone knowing what is expected from each party, will ensure many common issues simply won’t arise.

    Forming a mutually satisfactory plan with clear scheduling can make the job run a lot more smoothly and avoid any potential pitfalls that might otherwise be faced.

    Other advice includes avoiding duplication of roles and effort through e.g. co-location (placing many or all of the most active project team members in the same physical location to enhance their ability to perform as a team), Building Information Models and Management.

    Health and safety considerations


    Even before the world was plunged into a global pandemic, there were many safety concerns and considerations to take into account when working alongside multiple contractors during a commercial fit-out. COVID-19 has exacerbated the need for socially distanced work to take place, and you can follow certain guidelines.

    Wearing the appropriate PPE at all times is imperative when you are working on an indoor project, such as fitting commercial flooring. Allow air to circulate whenever possible and especially if you are fitting the flooring at the same time that other work is ongoing in the same room. Ideally you can even schedule your work at a different time and in a different area to minimise the risk of infection.

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