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    Ideas for a sustainable office

    January, 2022


    Designing a sustainable office

    From packaging to commercial flooring to building design, businesses need to take a wide-reaching approach to sustainability for a better future for everyone. We take a look at how buildings can be more sustainable and what practical steps commercial interior designers are already taking.

    Choosing greener materials

    The most obvious aspect to pay attention to is where your building materials come from, such as whether the timber has been responsibly sourced. Think about a material’s entire life cycle, from where it has been produced to how it will be recycled when it is no longer needed. This sustainable furniture example explains the key principles and the concept can help organisations with evidence of CSR.

    Safeguarding resources

    One of the best ways buildings can become more sustainable is by reducing waste and making the most of resources. This can be done in many practical ways, such as harvesting rainwater, reducing plastic waste, using green technologies for energy and automating when lights turn on.

    It is important to be aware of what uses the most energy. In a typical business lighting, heating, and air conditioning are the major contributors to a high energy bill. The simplest way to reduce usage is to make sure these devices are not on when no one needs them.

    Ensuring efficient insulation

    Heat loss through poor insulation is an expensive and unsustainable cost for many businesses. Installing adequate, eco-friendly insulation across your premises not only cuts down your emissions but can also help your building to retain heat and save money on heating bills. If you are investing in green technology, such as solar panels, to increase your companies sustainability, it’s essential that any potential heat loss is addressed through proper insulation.

    Disposing of old materials responsibly

    It isn’t just what we buy that creates a sustainable office, the way we get rid of things makes a huge environmental impact. Another way buildings can be more sustainable is through the responsible disposal of old materials, like blinds, office furniture and commercial carpets. Simply throwing them away isn’t sustainable at all, so make sure they are recycled or reused wherever possible. If you’re updating your office interior and need to get rid of old flooring, choose a commercial carpet and carpet tiling provider like Duraflor who provide a take back service as part of their environmental program.

    Use natural light

    There’s nothing quite like the natural light of the sun for maintaining a healthy outlook and staying healthy. People need exposure to sunlight for numerous reasons. One study found that workers in office environments that used natural sunlight over artificial lighting were 61% more productive and also reported being more creative as well as a general improvement in their wellbeing. Worth noting a study also showed that improved lighting design increased worker productivity by up to 23 percent.

    The more natural light your office design allows for; the less energy needs to be spent on artificial lighting and all its associated carbon emissions. Sustainable offices aren’t just better for employee wellbeing; they’re also better for business due to increased productivity and potential cost savings.

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