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    Make your next carpet tile hexagonal

    May, 2019

    Carpet Tiles don’t have to be square.

    Companies are still embracing geometric trends when it comes to flooring, and as a result hexagonal carpet tiles continue to gain in popularity. They are great for creating colour and texture; thereby livening up offices and commercial spaces, as well as providing a more original cost-effective flooring solution.

    A Touch of Sophistication

    The hexagon carpet tiles are an innovative way of bringing sophisticated design elements and colour into a commercial environment. Hexagonal carpet tiles can be used to create a more impactful designs across the floor. Our Hexxtile range has been carefully created using the popular textured-greys and solids from our Progression range with pops of colour from our Bright Ideas range, this means you can create a dynamic yet stylish floor-scape.

    Against a plain background of office furniture and neutral colours, the hexagonal tile truly stands alone and creates a lively interior environment – you can also transition from square carpet tiles or planks to create zones for activities.

    Cost Effective

    Up until now, traditional hexagonal tiles have often been priced out of reach of regular commercial environments. Often, projects have one thing in common – a tight budget and fast turnaround time. This is why the hexagonal tiles Duraflor offer are such good value for money.

    Practical Yet Stylish

    Duraflor’s over 10-year guarantee on both the Progression and Bright Ideas ranges and the heavy contact rating assigned to the tile makes Hexxtile a solid investment in the future of your business. Each tile is a sizeable 433mm x 500mm.

    The most important things to any redesign is to find a floor design that remains fashionable as well as practical and long-lasting. The Hexxtile is all of these and more, creating a sophisticated look that lasts for years and states a bold creative intention. When you find yourself next choosing carpet tiles, think outside the box and go hexagonal.

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