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    Why a modern office needs modern design

    February, 2018

    For the modern workplace, it’s not enough to just have a tech-savvy team; you need the office to match. Here are just a few reasons why a modern office needs modern design.

    When it comes to the design of a modern, technology-savvy office, there are many things that need to be considered. It may seem easier to opt for the basic flooring, plain walls and simple design to save on costs, but if you’re looking to create an office that inspires productivity and a positive attitude, then a modern design is a must.

    Brighten the walls

    A simple and effective way to make the most of your office space is with vibrant, exciting and on-brand graphic design to adorn your walls. Not only does this appeal to visitors, it encourages productivity and business pride for your employees. Beautiful photography or imagery in frames can make all the difference to the space that your staff work in. The key is to steer away from dark woods and colours, in order to keep your general office space open and airy; and focus on matching existing branding and styles.

    Think smart

    For any tech-savvy office environment, smart technology is a must. From computerised air conditioning to remote control roller blinds, much of an office can be brought up to the current century with just a few change and tweaks. USB plugs, touch laptops, colour changing lighting and other tech elements and advancements can not only make your office appear more modern but also make it much more connected – both within your workplace and to the outside world.

    Not only does a modern, connected office offer great advantages, it will improve the overall productivity level in the office – which will pay off in the long term. Keeping up with the latest in technology can only benefit your business in the long term.

    Say it with flooring

    Simply changing the colour of your commercial flooring can make any room seem more modern, and lighter colours and woods within smaller areas, in combination with glass walls and bright lights, can make even the smallest meeting rooms appear larger and more impressive.

    Flooring that looks scruffy, threadbare or overused can age an office like nothing else; whereas shiny, new flooring can make an office look brand new.

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