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    Nature-inspired, tech-enabled and privacy on-demand – The future of office design

    February, 2018

    Office design gives you the opportunity to create a productive and effective working space. From the floor up you should create a nature-inspired, tech-enabled and privacy on-demand office space.

    Office design is about far more than couches in the entrance and workspace furniture. A well-designed workspace can boost employee productivity, happiness and ultimately benefit the bottom line of your organisation. So here we explore the trends of office design so that you can maximise your workforce output in comfort and style.


    Humans have a fight or flight response to environments that induces stress and this develops into anxiety that can grind their efficiency to a halt. Using nature inspired materials to construct your office space can reverse this trend, however. We considered this when introducing feature walls to our product portfolio, cork durawal can bring nature into your office with a range of added benefits too. This sound and heat insulating material is completely renewable, recyclable and beneficial to your employees, providing an inspiring, natural feel to the workplace. Installing commercial flooring that has been inspired by natural habitats can also help to make the workspace far more comfortable and engaging. By using nature inspired materials in your office design you can make it more comfortable and more practical at the same time.


    Office design should also be about the technological functionality that you are able to offer to your employees. Designing your new space with wireless charging capabilities, multi-functioning surfaces and creative spaces can greatly improve the productivity of staff and their ability to grow and develop your company. Remember that sticking an employee behind a desk literally restricts their creativity and design a space that allows freedom of movement and engagement with a wide range of technologies. With freedom of movement and the technology they need you will be able to watch your employees achieve far greater creativity and productivity.

    Privacy on-demand

    In any office space it is important to remember that privacy is also important. You must remember to create spaces where staff members can retreat to have private conversations on particular points of development. Designing these spaces into the office is far easier than adding them in later and you can create clear delineations within the space using commercial carpet tiling and agile partitions that can be used to create the required space as and when it is needed. Having these pop-up private areas allows the perfect blend between collective productivity and private detailed consideration that is simply not possible in tradition office environments.

    The trend for office design is moving towards a more fluid and welcoming environment that allows employees to be more relaxed and peaceful at work. Enabling this through your office design from the floor up will helps employees to find better satisfaction and will ultimately improve the bottom line for the company because staff will be happier, will work better and will be generally more productive.

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