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    Office design and layouts 2022

    October, 2022


    What office design and layout trends will remain

    As people return to the office following the pandemic, it’s more important than ever that office spaces are modernised and appeal to workers to encourage them to enjoy using their desks again. 2022 has seen design and layout trends come and go already, and below we list the ones that we think are here to stay and can offer the best development to an office’s value.

    Bigger focus on the outdoors
    No one wants to feel like they are cooped up inside a clinical office. One of the biggest trends of 2022 has seen an increased focus on natural lighting with big windows taking over. Of course, having a better view of the outdoors is no good unless the view is pleasant, so planting trees or other greenery is a popular option. Not only will this boost productivity, but it will increase the value of the property, Outdoor offices and roof terraces are becoming more popular should you have the space for this, which offer a unique opportunity to design a natural space.

    In 2022, it’s incredibly important to implement amenities into an office layout. Convenience and comfort are at the heart of modern working, so implementing things such as a nearby kitchen or cafe that can be easily accessed are vital. Ergonomic desk design integrated with dedicated wifi for each one can help sell a building as completely functional, especially with nearby break-out and leisure spaces with airy layouts. Combining productive features with relaxed environments is increasingly popular as people look to work hard without burning out (or having to go for a walk on their lunch break).

    Flexible layout
    With most organisations integrating a hybrid working design, innovative multi-functional spaces are more important than ever. One possible solution to this is to implement movable dividing spaces that allow for custom office layouts at the hands of the team, who can then go on to work collaboratively or individually. Large, open-plan designs with a wide floor space make this possible and keep everyone inside the loop. This can allow for ever-popular creative brainstorming tasks to take place without the need to venture into a boardroom. This is again related to convenience, which adds significant value to any office space.

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