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    Office design trends for 2018 focus on the natural and well being

    November, 2017

    2018 will focus on workspaces that integrate comfort and technology. Modern office designs play with form and function, providing a homely, sustainable atmosphere and incorporating smart technology to stimulate productivity.

    Workplace and office designers are looking at the future of work spaces in a whole new way. 2018 designs encourage creativity and productivity in a space that inspires and the work place is now designed in harmony with the people who work there. Construction trends take in not only the long term sustainability of the office setup, but ways to stay green with advances in energy efficiency, as well as ways to create an atmosphere where workers feel happy and are healthier.

    Dynamic designs

    The inclination now is to make the work space feel more adaptable, with areas that can quickly be transformed for different uses. This dynamic trend acknowledges not only the human desire for change, but also the way modern companies need to be more flexible themselves, in their approach to work and clients.

    Easy to move furniture that is lightweight or wheeled, large interior doors that can be opened or closed to change the size and shape of the office space, and wall dividers and movable plants, are all ways that the office can shift easily to accommodate the workplace’s needs. Commercial carpets and carpet tiling can be especially useful for flooring flexibility, while still providing a homely aesthetic.

    The comfort of the home

    On trend offices provide a space for workers and colleagues that reflects a new desire for companies to cater to and keep their staff happy. Casual, warm areas where workers can unwind with a cup of coffee or tea on a comfy couch offer a much needed relaxation spaces.

    With millennial design trends, these spaces often take on a creative, fun look, clearly demarcating a space for staff to relax. Offices often even supply fresh fruit and quality drinks, such as blended coffees and herbal teas, in a bid to provide homely comforts.

    Smart tech meets the outdoors

    Today’s offices run on smart technology and innovations, such as wireless charging ports and embedded screens. Smart boards have long since replaced the old white board, and these days it’s easier than ever to create a flexible work space that encourages project communication and delivery, as well as catering for the upswing in freelance staff and those who work flexitime.

    But smart tech can be softened with greenery. A big trend is the introduction of terrariums into work spaces, as well as movable ‘green’ walls, planted up with oxygen-improving plant life. The natural look can also be achieved with commercial flooring, which is easy to clean and cost-effective.

    Healthy work spaces

    While the ubiquitous office plant is not a new concept, biophilic design encourages the human tendency to seek out green and natural spaces by adding more plant life to the office. Glass block flooring brings light and energy to an office or commercial space.

    With the emphasis on flexibility and dynamic design, this often means that plants are put in easy to move containers or are planted on screens that can be used to open up or subdivide the work space. It’s been shown that biophilic design improves the well being and health of an office environment, which in turn also reduces stress, and can improve staff creativity and enhance production.

    With a focus on natural textures, dynamic space, greenery and a homelike atmosphere, 2018’s design trends look at a work space that works for the people, making sure that everyone gives and gets their best.


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