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    Office Design Trends 2020

    April, 2020

    What are the office design trends for 2020


    We have taken a look at the office design trends that were prevalent for 2020 and asked how in a post Covid-19 World that might change.

    1. Ways with wood

    Wood, whether real or not, is a trend for this year and is a flexible solution for so many different office spaces. The beauty of wood in an office environment, just as in the home, is that it brings texture and warmth to otherwise characterless spaces. Luxury vinyl tiles with natural wood grain patterns provide an excellent way of accentuating the use of wood in furniture and fixtures, yet offer an easy to maintain and more hygienic alternative to the real thing.

    2. Monochrome

    Another trend that has burst onto the scene is that of monochrome, using just the one colour in a space to create visual impact, but with the clever use of different tones and shades to bring the scheme to life. This is now a popular choice for office spaces and a great way to create floor definition, form and function. Bringing soft hues and bolder shades together works particularly well with this trend.

    3. Home or away – post Covid-19

    A trend we were seeing was more people working from home, with offices changing the way they used space to create more break-out areas (for a higher degree of socialising), as well as areas which mirrored some of the comforts from home (to attract employee to the office when required). In a post Covid-19 environment, it will be interesting to see what trends emerge. It is easy to speculate that many companies may opt for encouraging employees to work from home even more, so they can make savings on office costs. This could lead to more hot desking requirements than previously required but within a smaller space. A report by Knight Frank considers the likely implications on the office environment. There is also likely to be a focus on hygienic solutions and even greater considerations around employee wellbeing.

    4. Sustainability

    Sustainability is now a fundamental cornerstone of office design. Where possible businesses are using recycled and sustainably-sourced materials and this trend is growing in many new ways, always with a focus on environmental wellness and protecting the environment around us. Both Carpet Tiles and Vinyl Flooring are produced as part of a highly sophisticated recycling programme to ensure minimal environmental impact.

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