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    Office Design Trends Of 2022

    May, 2022

    What are the significant office design trends of 2022?

    You may have thought post- 2020/21 pandemic high levels, hot-desking would come to the fore as one of the office design trends of 2022 with having fewer people in an office at any one time (combined with a good cleaning regime of course) – but that seems to be missing the point.

    According to a report by the National Bureau of Economic Research, from small businesses to large companies, approximately 70% of companies will adopt a hybrid “home and office” model by 2022.

    So, the shift is more sizeable, resulting in a comeback for co-working spaces, and not just for freelancers and entrepreneurs, but for whole office teams that want to temporarily use the facilities rather than having a permanent base.

    Plus, we already touched on the other trend – a “destination office” – A key concept here is the idea of designing a “destination office” – a highly attractive workspace that staff want to come to rather than being obliged to attend. A place where healthy interaction is encouraged.

    We now look a little more detail at some of the key considerations for offices in 2022.

    1. Integrated technology workstations and acoustic Pods

    In an age of high-tech, it only makes sense that we want to be able to access technology at our fingertips while we’re working. We want to be able to charge our smartphones, tablets and laptops easily in the office. But now that we are used to making calls on Teams or Zoom, we also want to continue this method of communication with customers and suppliers, or remote colleagues even while sitting in an office with many of our work team. So, while offices are about interaction, having Pods or soundproof offices where we can interact is also a greater consideration, especially if multiple participants of an online call are also in the same place.

    2. Collaboration centres
    Collaboration centres are a popular commercial interior design trend because they help people work more efficiently meaning that they ultimately get more done. These are designated spaces that allow people to brainstorm, share ideas and generally work together. They’re often set up in an open concept design, so that several people can work together at the same time if they choose to. It is no surprise that this will be a key feature of a destination office – creative thinking around this, including items such as bleachers and other collaborative furniture innovation should form part of thinking, as well as zoning off different areas of the floor, which is where we come in.

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