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    Short Plank Luxury Vinyl Tiles: A Herringbone Tile Alternative?

    February, 2024

    Luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) revolutionised the flooring industry, offering a versatile and practical alternative to traditional materials. In this article, we investigate the advantages of Short Plank Luxury Vinyl Tiles compared to its counterpart, traditional herringbone tiles, which have existed for centuries.  We address both aesthetic preferences and practical considerations relevant to flooring contractors and interior designers.

    1. Ease of Installation

    Short Plank LVT: Designed with simplicity in mind, Short Plank LVT offers a traditional herringbone look but is far easier to install, saving costs and not compromising on style.

    Traditional Herringbone Tiles: The intricate design of the herringbone pattern complicates installation, demanding precision in cuts and placement. This complexity often translates to higher labour costs and extended installation times.

    2. Durability and Maintenance

    Short Plank LVT: Renowned for durability, Short Plank LVT resists wear and tear, it is also water-resistant and suitable for moisture-prone areas. The Duraflor range is scuff and stain resistant, as well as being easy to clean and maintain.

    Maintenance is a breeze, requiring only simple cleaning with a mop and mild detergent. Eleganza from Duraflor is an example of a short plank LVT range that performs exceptionally well aesthetically and durability-wise.

    Traditional Herringbone Tiles: While durable, traditional tiles may chip or crack if subjected to heavy impact. Additionally, grout lines may stain, necessitating periodic sealing and cleaning.

    3. Comfort and Sound

    Short Plank LVT: Boasting a softer underfoot feel, Short Plank LVT provides warmth and absorbs sound, creating a quieter environment.

    Traditional Herringbone Tiles: The cold and hard nature of traditional tiles can be uncomfortable in living areas without underfloor heating. Moreover, these tiles do not absorb sound, contributing to a noisier ambiance.

    4. Aesthetic Flexibility

    Short Plank LVT: Offering a vast array of designs, including wood, stone, and abstract patterns, Short Plank LVT can mimic traditional herringbone patterns, providing a similar aesthetic with added benefits.

    Traditional Herringbone Tiles: While herringbone patterns exude a classic and upscale look, the range of materials and colours is limited compared to the vast options available in LVT.

    5. Cost Effectiveness

    Short Plank LVT: More cost-effective than real wood or stone tiles, Short Plank LVT boasts lower material and installation costs, coupled with longevity and low maintenance requirements.

    Traditional Herringbone Tiles: Material and installation costs can be higher, especially for natural stone or high-end ceramic tiles. Maintenance and potential repair costs should also be factored in.

    Short Plank LVT emerges as a practical, versatile, and cost-effective flooring option that seamlessly marries aesthetic appeal with installation ease, maintenance convenience, and enhanced comfort.

    Herringbone LVT: A Vinyl Perspective

    Small piece herringbone vinyl tiles are also an option, but have their own disadvantages over the larger format alternative:

    Herringbone vinyl tiles take longer to install than the larger format Short Plank LVT. This means they are less cost effective.

    Short Plank LVT designs tend to be more dynamic while Herringbone LVT tends to mirror its traditional counterpart.

    Opting for Herringbone LVT over Short Plank Luxury Vinyl Tiles may stem from aesthetic preferences, but if you are looking for a spacious, fresh and modern look, we recommend considering the many benefits of the Eleganza range.

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