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    The positive impact of an office fit-out

    October, 2021

    Don’t underestimate the positive impact of an office fit-out

    An office fit-out can be an incredibly daunting project, that involves potential disruption and sometimes a substantial budget. The positive impact of an office fit-out cannot however be underestimated, it can boost morale, productivity and positively impact on how a company’s brand is viewed.

    Boosts staff morale
    A good fit-out can rejuvenate the interior design of an office, which in turn boosts productivity and staff morale. Creating new, dynamic working areas makes employees more creative, happy and productive as a result. This is especially the case when an office is designed with wellbeing in mind.

    Improves business performance
    A well-designed office space that has been carefully planned will invite success to a business and attract the right staff to work there. By contrast, a dimly lit office with poor furniture won’t attract new custom or inspire staff. A good fit-out is the office equivalent of dressing for the job you want, so smartening up an office can improve attitudes and how a business performs.

    You may not think it, but sources show that there’s a direct link between an office’s interior décor and the productivity of those who work inside it. The gloomier the office, the slower the output. Whether you are managing a fit-out project for a client or renovating your own office, now is the perfect time to upgrade your interior to something that’s much more modern and bright. Not only can it create a better environment for employees, but it can also lead to a much greater workload output – approx. a 20% increase.

    Can can create better collaborative spaces
    When designing a new office fit-out, it is important to consider the different working styles of employees. For example, some sections of an office may be designated collaborative workspaces.  In fact the role of the office has changed for many companies in Covid-19 times. There are obvious considerations around hygiene that can be accomplished with a refit, but how the space will be used is also an important factor.  Offices provide are a chance to meet, discuss and collaborate on projects in a safe space, and these days a chance for remote workers to get together. How a new office fit-out enables this should not be underestimated.

    Can help establish a proud brand identity
    Offices are a reflection of a business and its core values, so it is important to set the right tone for an office as an interior designer. This is especially true if the office is used to speak with clients and prospects. An office space is an extension of a brand’s identity to showcase its strengths.


    There are lots of ways a fit-out can affect the workplace, but the key is to get a fit-out right so that the positive impact of an office fit-out can be realised. From creating a more usable office environment for staff to enticing new prospects with stunning office space, a fit-out can really improve how a business functions.

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