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    Use flooring to promote creative thinking

    June, 2019

    Simple ways to ensure a more creative environment


    Whatever your commercial flooring needs, you ideally want a solution that will capitalise on your team’s creativity. Take a look at our research into how fun and creative flooring can help your staff be for focused on your business.

    A happy team is more productive

    Don’t underestimate the importance of a fun and interesting workspace on how productive your employees are. A recent study by social scientists Muceldili and Erdil found that providing a workspace that enables staff to have fun resulted in happier and more efficient staff. In addition to this, staff were better at taking calculated risks and thinking creatively. It seems like a win-win for your company, but how do you create a work-space that is fun without disrupting your teams work-flow? The ‘What Workers Want’ survey from the British Council for Offices found that 25% of employees would happily commute a further 30 minutes to work in a well-designed office. The use of colour and encouraging collaboration are known key considerations when it comes to creating a happy working environment.

    Creative spaces support collaboration

    Almost 65% of workers in a recent survey showed that a team will collaborate almost constantly throughout the day. It is important that office design supports and encourages this, without causing disruption to other staff who may need to work alone. One way to increase collaboration is to provide an open-plan office space to offer plenty of opportunities for staff to bounce ideas off of one another. However, in order to limit noise-disruption to other staff, think about the flooring you use. For example, good floor insulation will reduce noise. Commercial carpets and carpet tiling help ensure sound is not passed from one side of the room to the other. Carpet Tiles can also be used for creative zoning and way finding, with different colours and textures creating the right environment for debate, contemplation or concentration.

    Colour can change the atmosphere

    The atmosphere of your office will be impacted by what kind of light and colour you employ. Keeping large windows clear may not be practical when your office needs to limit screen-reflections, so it pays to be creative when looking for sources of light and colour. Plenty of office lamps and judicious placing of lights is important, as is the colour of the walls and flooring you choose. Walls are best a calm and neutral colour, as dark wall colours can increase stress. However, the carpet is a more subtle way to introduce colour into your décor. What Antron describes as their range of ‘happy shades’ are grounded in the fact staff are more able to generate creative solutions whilst working in an atmosphere that provides eye-catching colour and bold patterns.

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