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    Using flooring to match brand identity

    September, 2019

    Consider using flooring to match your brand identity


    To establish and communicate a strong corporate brand identity, companies need to consider a wide range of passive marketing methods.

    You may have carefully crafted a robust brand for your organisation and all the positioning statements and identity guidelines that surround it. And now, it might be worth considering how to reflect the branding in your passive communications, such as staff uniforms, vehicle livery and head office interior design. This could include weighing up the pros and cons of putting in new flooring to match your brand identity.

    Do workspace floors matter in passive marketing?

    Buying commercial carpets or tiling in complementary colours to your chosen corporate colour scheme can make a strong statement.

    It’s not just about showing a well-orchestrated and proud corporate identity to your visitors. Having your brand reflected in your workspace sends a message to staff too. It can position your organisation as highly cohesive and shows pride in your brand positioning.

    Well thought out office interiors can also show staff that you want to create a unified organisation, all working towards the same bold vision.

    It’s sometimes the little details that say the most about a company. That includes showing how creative and consistent your organisation is, by promoting your corporate identity right down to the ground!

    How easy is it to match flooring to brand identity?

    Fortunately, thanks to the creative modern flooring designs available, it’s possible to select from a wide range of options, to ‘brand’ your building. This includes a colour palette of both Luxury Vinyl Tiles and Carpet Tiles.

    If you have deep enough pockets you could commission flooring that has your corporate logo woven into it. That is not only expensive but also makes updates and repairs tricky, and holds you to ransom if you decide to change your brand identity!

    It’s far more cost-effective and flexible to choose commercial flooring in the correct colour scheme to complement or reflect your logo.

    At the very least, having white or grayscale vinyl floors, or using neutral carpets and carpet tiles means bold use of corporate colours on the rest of your interior design really stands out.

    Other ways to use flooring to match your brand identity

    If your company wants to show how organised and well-structured it is, using different types and shades of commercial flooring can help you to zone your workspace. For example, a company with a strong emphasis on collaborative culture could have warm, relaxed flooring in breakout areas and more business-like floor designs around workstations. Or, you could have a separate floor covering for your different project groups, to engender team spirit and unity.

    You could ever create a rather zany and colourfully memorable floor if your company is positioning itself as a corporate maverick!

    However you play it, flooring can be an easy and impressive way to send a message to anyone who sets foot in your business premises.

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