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    Why Duraflor’s new Hexxtile range is causing a stir

    September, 2018

    Our new Hexxtile range is becoming increasingly popular, and it’s not difficult to see why. In this article, we discuss some of the benefits that Hexxtiles can bring to your office.

    For the vast majority of companies, flooring and carpet tiles are just a necessity, a way to keep the concrete floor covered. However, at Duraflor we know that commercial flooring can be so much more. The right flooring in your office can help to boost productivity, improve the happiness of employees, and is essential when trying to make a good impression on new clients. With the rise of resimercial designs, the use of zoning in offices and interior designers considering the psychology of colour, flooring is an area that every business should give some thought to.

    1. Creativity

    The new Duraflor Hexxtile range is one way in which we like to think about flooring a bit differently. As a range it allows you to design your floor in a far more creative way than other flooring options might offer. By adding distinct backgrounds, or subtly accentuating patterns within your office, our large range of tiles, from both our Hexxtile Progression and Hexxtile Bright Ideas ranges, can really bring an office to life. Aside from colours and designs, there are other benefits that our Hexxtile ranges offers.

    1. Pricing

    Traditionally geometric designs have been expensive due to their more complex design, manufacturing, and fitting needs. However, we have ensured that our range will easily fit into a normal office flooring budgets, so that you can be sure you are getting the best deal available without compromising on the quality.

    2. Heavy wearing, with great longevity

    We ensure that all products within our Hexxtile ranges are heavy wearing, meaning that they are suitable for any part of your office or commercial space. As such, you don’t have to limit your designs to areas of lighter footfall. This means that you can create designs and also have an excellent office flooring solution in whatever space you want.


    For more information on our Hexxtile range, visit the Hexxtile product page.  If you want to discuss how best to incorporate Hexxtiles into your commercial flooring design, or to discuss any other flooring needs, do contact us – we also offer advice and guidance on how to fit your flooring, as well as calculating how much product you need, depending on your floor area.

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