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    Why winter is the best time to get your commercial flooring redone

    October, 2018

    Sorting out your commercial flooring now can have a huge number of benefits, which you probably didn’t even consider.

    With the nights starting to draw in and the weather getting colder, most people have a set number of priorities around winter, which usually involve thinking about Christmas and trying to stay warm. However, winter is also the best time of year to get your commercial flooring redone too!

    1. Get your interiors sorted before peak Christmas trading times

    Any business which is customer facing / retail focused is likely to see an increase in customers over the Christmas period. This is often a great time to capitalise on the additional footfall, as you have far more potential clients, which you can turn into paying customers. Customers always react well to an interior which looks new and has been designed well, so giving your business’ front of house a new lease of life should help you to increase the amount of trade you do, as well as giving customers a better impression of your brand.

    2. Your staff will appreciate it more

    In the summer months, your staff are likely to be happier and more motivated to work due to the additional sunlight and the pleasures that summer brings. Equally, many people are prone to seasonal affective disorder, which means that their mood is likely to be brought down by the cold weather and the lack of exposure to sunlight. As such, getting your office flooring redone (without too much disruption) can give your employees a boost in motivation. They may well appreciate having a nicer interior in which to work, and this boost in their positivity and mood could be higher relative to the renovations being undertaken in the summer.

    3. An opportunity to ring the changes

    A new commercial flooring design also presents a chance to change working practices, creating collaborative spaces and other such activity based workplace solutions. This being done at a time when collaboration is likely to be greater, can mean that new practices are fully adopted by the New Year. If plans are far beyond a simple refresh to show the organisation cares about the office environment, it is worth considering how to make sure people won’t hate the transition, even during the build up to a festive season – especially if a more open plan approach is being considered.


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