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    October, 2018

    Back in September 2018, Duraflor introduced a new product to their portfolio, Nebula. It is already proving a good seller, especially for those clients working to a very tight budget.

    A hard wearing carpet tile, it is available in 6 popular colours and is a Duraflor entry level tile, which is perfect for a wide range of applications. The name Nebula was chosen as the colours reminded us of the distinct colours that we often associate with the planets and the sky.

    Among its characteristics, Nebula has a Bfl-s1 fire resistant classification, the highest possible class for a textile floor covering. Plus, the pile is produced with solution dyed nylon, so there is no fading or colour loss.

    Duraflor continually looks to meet the demands of the market and by offering it cost-conscious solution in attractive colours, it is not surprising the product is already gaining momentum.

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