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    April, 2019

    Clerkenwell Design Week is fast approaching and Duraflor will be showcasing a number of new products. One particular collection we are really excited about is the Natural Terrain Collection.

    Consisting of 3 Ranges – Plateau, Escarpment and Tundra, we are able to offer our clients 3 very distinct designs. These evoke images of the Earth’s own diverse natural features, yet as with our new ranges they all still share the same rich colour bank of earthy browns and dark and warm greys.

    As a taster of what is to come, we are giving you a first glimpse here of our Tundra range. Tundra’s blended tones reflect a landscape formed by icy grey rivers and rolling treeless hillsides. It is subtle yet has character, and brings an air of luxury to any floor.

    Visit our showroom during CDW 21st – 23rd May, 47 Gee Street, Clerkenwell EC1V 3RS to see many of our new ranges for 2019.

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