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    June, 2023

    Taking their cues from ice landscapes


    Two brand new carpet tile ranges inspired by natures frozen landscapes.

    June 2023 sees the introduction of designs inspired by the intricate patterns that are visible in nature’s own icy canvas. Consisting of two carpet tile designs, available in a shared variety of neutral colour options. Reflecting natures own subtle shades of dark and light greys, and the classic styling and power invoked from a deep and rich blackness:

    FRACTURED ICE is powerful yet subtle, matching the intricate designs caused when pressure is applied to sheet ice. It is a heavy duty tile with a light-touch, that displays stunning organic geometry that creates a natural flow through a room.

    ICE FORMATION perfectly reflects glacial striations, which are formed when stones and boulders, that were frozen in the base of inland ice, abrade the surface of the bedrock. In the same way that glacial striations show the direction of the ice, this design subtly guides you through a room.

    These two designs are ideal for commercial environments. Both new carpet designs boast a high tuft density and heavy weave construction. This combined with being made from 100% solution-dyed nylon, ensures that their good looks won’t melt away. In fact they both enjoy a 20-year commercial wear guarantee.

    For more details about the Fractured Ice and Ice Formation take as look at the webpages and order a sample.

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