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    November, 2023


    PROGRESSION II is the successor to our very popular PROGRESSION Range – with a refreshed colour palette and more design options, it will continue to be a winner with Commercial Designers and Flooring Contractors alike.

    Designed to excel in high-traffic areas, PROGRESSION II combines durability and style with a range of coordinating plains and stripe designs to provide a refreshing update to the PROGRESSION legacy.

    On-Trend Designs and Colourways:

    Featuring popular and trusted colours, Progression II’s range serves as a versatile canvas for various interior design schemes. Whether your style is classic or contemporary, the colour options offer endless creative possibilities.

    Durability for Demanding Environments:

    PROGRESSION II is a heavy contract-rated carpet tile, specially crafted to withstand the toughest challenges in busy spaces. Its robust construction ensures longevity and resilience, making it an ideal choice for areas that see frequent use.

    Effortless Maintenance and Sustainable Excellence:

    We understand the importance of easy upkeep. PROGRESSION II’s subtle flecked colouration minimises the visibility of spills, while the pinstripe design cleverly conceals soiling. Cleaning is a breeze, ensuring your space looks pristine with minimal effort.

    PROGRESSION II not only delivers performance but also prioritises environmental responsibility. Made from solution-dyed nylon, it resists fading, reducing the need for frequent replacements, and minimising its environmental impact.

    For eco-conscious customers, PROGRESSION II offers the Envir0back option, further reducing its environmental footprint. This backing includes:

    • 75% recycled bitumen-backed tiles.
    • 100% recycled filler, meeting ISO 14012 standards.
    • Utilisation of pre-consumer waste in filler processing, diverting waste from landfills.

    Elevate Your Space with PROGRESSION II:

    PROGRESSION II represents a commitment to quality, sustainability, and timeless design. To explore this exceptional carpet tile range and how it can enhance your space, contact our Sales Team on 0330 053 2500.

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