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    Add value to commercial rentals

    March, 2022

    Flooring can add value to commercial rentals


    Working on commercial refurbishment projects for rental means that you focus on ways to bring value to a location. And considering high-quality flooring options, means that you have a greater chance of increasing the value of a property and attracting buyer interest.

    Why Duraflor?

    Duraflor is a provider of a range of different flooring products for commercial spaces but more importantly the ranges are popular designs, that can meet the budget needs of landlords, while adding value and aesthetic appeal to any commercial environment, making it attractive to tenants.

    The products on offer include carpet tiles that add an extra degree of texture and warmth to any commercial space, and luxury vinyl tiles that are often selected for their natural appeal but low maintenance and hygiene benefits.

    How Duraflor can help

    Stock availability: This choice of popular carpet tiles or LVT is available from UK stock for immediate delivery, which means there are no project hold-ups. Once any construction work is finished, you can expect a speedy installation. To discuss your project and be sent samples, contact our sales team for a fast and efficient response on 01592 630 030.

    Immediate Pricing: We really do make things easy, we give you an immediate price and talk about the best options to meet your budget requirements.

    Expertise: Not only do we have a great knowledge of what is both a popular floor covering design, which will stand the test of time, but we are experts in floor preparation. We can help you and sub-contractors with site advice and make recommendations for every aspect of floor preparation and finishing.

    How flooring adds value

    Adding extra design: The internal design of any property includes the way it looks. Having a neutral, but still beautiful, flooring option in place invites a range of design options for office planners. We often refer to our flooring as the canvas for the interior designer, a wise choice of floor covering completes the look of a building without restricting design ambition. We can help with choice of colours and patterns of carpet tile, or suggest luxury vinyl tiles that create an immediate welcoming and/or practical look.

    Ready for work: If companies view a bare-floored property, they may be deterred from renting or buying it, as a property can look unfinished. Companies see more value in an office that is ready for them to move into. It is certainly worth considering the differences between CAT A, CAT A+ and CAT B projects – this link may serve as a good bit of advice on what the market is now looking for.

    Try Duraflor

    If you’re interested in discussing which flooring products we believe can add value to commercial rentals, the Duraflor team are ready to help. We want to help make the refurbished property as profitable as possible for you.

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