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    Advantages of carpet tiles for office fit-outs

    April, 2021

    The reason designers opt for carpet tiles for office fit-outs


    Commercial carpets and carpet tiling are both popular choices for interior designers seeking to add warmth and luxury to the offices they are refreshing. Available in a wide variety of shades, styles, and piles, both kinds of carpeting present plenty of choice and a chance to promote brand colours in a professional workspace. However, when it comes to an office fit-out, carpet tiles can have a competitive edge over their wall-to-wall counterparts when selected.

    Here are just some of the advantages of carpets tiles for office fit-outs:

    A versatile solution

    The standard square is no longer the only available choice, tiles are now offered in different geometric shapes. The most prevalent being planks  and hexagon shaped carpet tiles (our popular Progression Range being an example of having designs in both shapes). Easily adaptable, carpet tiles can also be modified to fit unusual office spaces with difficult dimensions. In tight areas, like those found in smaller offices, they are an ideal option.

    Other examples of versatility include the ability to combine styles to create a unique look for a floor and to create visual zoning areas and walkways, a common practice with the greater need for social distancing and changes required to office layouts.

    Built-to-last and easy to replace

    Extremely durable, carpet tiles perform well under heavy traffic, making them perfect for busy offices. Quality carpet tiles can often last for up to two decades without showing any sign of wear, making them a sound investment for any project. However, if excessive use leads to unwanted wear, tiles can simply be switched out for spares in the same style.

    It is not only longevity and the ability to swap tile around that make Carpet Tiles a sustainable alternative to broadloom, opting for carpet tiles mean less waste when fitting. With so much emphasis on sustainability in the built environment, this is a key reason to use carpet tiles in office fit-outs.

    Ease of access

    Streamlining a modern office may require plug sockets and other essential utilities to be hidden while remaining accessible. Simple to lift or easily cut to any shape required for individual access panels, carpet tiles ensure important areas are always easy to get to, a task far trickier with conventional carpeting.

    An easy-care option

    Regular hoovering is the main way to keep carpet tiles perfectly presented and if stains or spills occur, the is usually a simple solution for stain removal.


    At Duraflor, we provide an extensive range of carpet tiles and a team of dedicated flooring experts who are ready to discuss your design needs and offer advice on finding the ideal solution for your project. Browse our products online or contact us today on 01592 630030 for a consultation.

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