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    Best floor coverings for raised access floors

    March, 2020

    Which coverings are best for raised access floors?

    In truth we have already covered this off in a previous article on the benefits of raised access floors. It is however worth revisiting the subject, when considering how the need for raised access flooring fits with 2020 office trends and how perfectly the type of floor coverings offered by Duraflor satisfy the trend in both a practical and design-focussed manner.

    A key trend of 2020 and something we have seen develop for a good many years is ‘Dynamic Flexibility‘. While multi-purpose spaces is the new norm – Dynamic Flexibility incorporates an entirely new generation of moveable, multi-functional, lightweight, and ergonomic elements designed to fit any space and purpose. With that in mind, the need to keep cables under the floor and make sure that technology access is both hidden and available through the office becomes a prerequisite.

    Raised floors are the popular solution for open plan office layouts, particularly call centres and customer service environments. This can make office upgrades easier for organisations planning major layout changes, as moving floor boxes is simpler than adding extra sockets. But the trend demands more than that the flooring needs to withstand constant movement of fixtures and fittings and have the potential to be swapped in and out of areas.

    One popular option is a looselay vinyl as it is not stock down it can be quickly lifted and moved around if required but most importantly it is heavy contract rated for business environments that might be constantly changing. Take a look at both our AXIS range and  Espressa range of designs that meet the brief. They are also stylish and easy to maintain.

    While looslay luxury vinyl tiles are one option, we must not forget that one of the key benefits to having carpet tiles is to accommodate raised access floors. Some floors are even raised sufficiently to enable engineers to crawl through when major works are required. So, fitting carpet tiles of course means the flooring can be taken up when remedial works or additional utility supplies are required. But again we can look beyond that, and to the need for a flexible office environment, while switching stained or damaged carpet tiles is something worth considering, having a carpet tile that is exceptionally hard wearing and doesn’t show indentations from continually moving furniture may also be an important consideration. For this the Freedom Collection is the perfect solution. We particularly recommend Freedom Storm – its heavy weave construction means it is perfect for environments that are regularly transformed. It comes with a 20 year commercial wear guarantee, so it will look stunning for a very long time. It is also a random lay product with inbuilt soil resistant technology.

    As modern offices create new challenges for furniture manufacturer’s, lighting suppliers and partitioning and technology providers, it is good to know that traditional commercial flooring covering concepts can still meet the demands placed upon them.


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