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    Why use a raised access floor

    January, 2019

    Renovating your office space? This could be a great time to consider opting for a raised access floor if you haven’t before. Experience a tidier workplace with fewer potential accidents.

    Although it initially might seem like a lot of work to install, raised floors are actually fairly simple to implement and even easier to maintain. Here are some of the main benefits you could enjoy from choosing this new flooring system:

    A tidier aesthetic

    One of the main reasons businesses opt for a raised access floor is to keep cords and wires out of the way. Lots of companies are maintaining their minimalist look by keeping all these electrical components beneath the floor. This means you won’t have wires trailing along the carpet and everything is still easily accessible when maintenance is needed.

    Fewer accidents

    Because wires will be tidied away, there will be fewer trip hazards, making it easier to keep your employees safe and comply with health and safety regulations. Equally, wires will be kept safely away from spills or even cleaning products, avoiding damage to your equipment.

    Simple and cost-effective maintenance

    If anything was to happen to your raised floor, it’s often very straightforward to repair. Because the design of the floor means it is made up of individual tiles, this often means single tiles can be swapped out and replaced if needed.

    Energy saving

    If you’re storing your electricals beneath the floor then you’ll want to make sure they don’t overheat. It’s possible to have a flow of air conditioning travel through the space in the floor, which is much more efficient than cooling the entire room. You’ll lose less energy and save money, all while keeping your computers in optimal condition.

    If your systems above the floor are also prone to overheating, then extending the cool air to flow above the tiles is also possible and much more effective than a traditional air conditioner that might sit high up on the walls.

    Improved organisation

    The individual tiles effectively offer you a neat way to compartmentalise different systems. When performing maintenance, you can quickly find the areas you need if you have a labelled floor plan in place. This is especially useful for businesses that use many different servers or have had difficulties in the past with technicians accessing hard to reach areas.

    Adding Vinyl Planks and Carpet Tiles

    Carpet tiles and looselay vinyl planks obviously have the same modular benefits of raised access floors, so it is easy to replicate the benefits of being able to access individual sections.

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