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    Bringing the outside in to create the best environment

    April, 2018

    Green spaces in the office can be a wonderful addition to make a business property more welcoming, more relaxing and more conducive to effective work.

    Green spaces should bring elements of the outside in, but it can also be important to retain traditional office materials. A good style could therefore be a blend between the clean office environment and the rugged and natural look of the outside. We explore how to integrate green spaces into your office.

    Has to be ‘green’ to be believed

    The impact of a green space in the entrance to your office, or as you pass through a work-space can have the effect of inspiring individuals. Whether they are visitors or employees, the impact of meeting living and natural features inside the office is proven to improve mood. It also provides a great first and ongoing impression of your business. Creating a foyer with a large ceiling space, plenty of light and some living trees will result in an opening to a business that will be both welcoming and impressive.

    Using natural materials

    To get the best out of a green space it needs to transition naturally into the rest of the office, blending from the natural plants to the flooring and walling. This will extend the feeling of nature being present without having to go overboard.  Consider cork or envirowalls with living plants as an added feature, they are also credited with heightening productivity and creativity, boosting health and wellbeing, strengthening morale and saving energy. The added benefit of using these materials are that they will also absorb sound effectively and help to create a quieter environment, that is more conducive to productive work.

    Continuing the theme

    From your entrance way into your offices you can continue the theme of the green space using the flooring. Wood effect commercial flooring, for example, will allow you to extend the natural feeling into individual areas, yet still provide a hard-wearing commercial solution. While you may not be able to entirely extend the living green space through into the offices, extending the feel of the green space is possible with careful colour choices and office design. By continuing this theme into the office you can create a more relaxing environment that is far more comfortable for your employees.

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