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    Four ways to use industrial materials in office design

    March, 2018

    Industrial materials have never been more stylish when it comes to workplace decor. If you’re considering adding an industrial feel to your workplace, these suggestions will give you the perfect starting point.

    From hardwearing types of vinyl to texturised concrete, these materials might seem like they’re best used in an industrial environment – but with modern design, industrial materials are seeing a renaissance for commercial properties. There are numerous ways that industrial materials design elements can be incorporated into contemporary office design to create a modern and minimalist finish.

    Heavy duty lighting

    If you’re looking to add recycled design elements to your workplace, heavy duty or industrial style lighting is a great way to start. When combined with high ceilings and minimal decor, modern-style lighting, utilising metals or piping, can be the perfect focal piece for your office decor. Exposed piping and ducts afford cost cutting when it comes to ceilings and panelling, allowing your industrial style to shine through

    Concrete wall features

    Concrete and concrete effect is a big thing in office design. To create a modern industrial feel, combining woods and sustainable materials with concrete or concrete effect wall panelling, can add much-needed texture and style to an office.

    Industrial floor inspiration

    For emulating the look of painted concrete or offering intricate pattern without the cost of more traditional flooring media, vinyl has long been a rising star in office design. Perfect for high-traffic areas without sacrificing design, using vinyl in succinct yet straightforward block colours can provide a feeling of openness and be used as a method to give the division of areas in an open office. Duraflor Axis and Momenta ranges are perfect example of on-trend vinyl flooring options that shout modern from the second you walk in the door.

    Consider Concrete Light or a slightly darker tone with Concrete Mid Grey, or if you are going for a very different texture use Woven Graphite, all from the Duraflor loosely LVT range Axis. Plus if you want to be really distinct in bringing an industrial materials feel to the office, consider either Metallic Rust or Metallic Grey from the Momenta range.

    Reuse and Recycle

    From palettes to burnished metals, upcycling and reusing materials and furniture to create an attractive yet sustainable work environment is a staple of many start-up businesses, reducing costs while providing an eco-friendly edge. Many of the furniture staples that can be purchased for high-end prices – from metal-legged tables to palette-based shelving – can also be found or created for a lower price. If you’re looking to add an industrial touch to your office, furniture can be a quick and easy way to turn a minimalist environment into a stylish workplace.

    Feature Image: See how Interaction met their brief by creating a ‘raw’ design with exposed ceilings and electrical works, that complemented the building and created an industrial and transparent look, choosing Momenta Mill Grey for this breakout area.

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