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    Can flooring help employee retention and recruitment

    October, 2019

    First impressions – flooring helps employee retention and recruitment


    First impressions do count when it comes to designing aesthetic properties. So why not choose flooring that matches the impact you’re trying to make, not only on potential customers but also on potential employees?

    We’ve talked at length about why flooring can make a real difference to the productivity and even the morale of current employees in a workplace. No doubt investing in high-quality, colour-focused flooring can make a significant difference to the average working day.

    We believe creating the right impression really does ensure flooring helps employee retention and recruitment.

    Looks matter when it comes to your VIPs

    Whether it’s important clients, visitors from head office or simply someone you’re looking to impress, the flooring is often one of the first things people notice when they enter a workplace. Making that good impression with thoughtful, open workspaces and inspiring use of decals or wall colour can quickly fall flat if you’ve not invested the same thought into the flooring in that space. This especially true for workplaces that choose to leave existing flooring alone, especially in older properties where dusty carpet tiles or well-worn vinyl can look shoddy. Investing in quality, attractive, and on-trend flooring is a fast, practical and above all impactful way to make those first impressions count.

    Make people want to work in your office before they even step foot through the door

    Acquiring new talent and impressing potential partners is a must for many modern businesses, so it should come as no surprise that the first thing individuals will do when they find out the address of a potential workplace is look up your property online. The same is true for companies looking for new office space that matches the aesthetics of their business. After all, you’d do precisely the same given the chance. The visual appeal of a workplace is often massively overlooked when it comes to a digital presence. Still, some quality photos that make the office look great to anyone who searches for it is an excellent way to get off to a great start. Lighter flooring, excellent colour blocking or even the use of more dynamic shapes in carpet tile, such as hexxtiles and planks, are all fantastic ways to get those impressive shots, so the property doesn’t look dull or old-fashioned. Flooring is probably the widest surface area available, so why not show it off at its best?

    Create an environment people want to work in

    Bringing potential employees into a workplace, and even showing around potential renters for your office space, should always make them want to work for the company more, not less. Investing in quality flooring is a great way to show how much you value the workspace you manage, and the attention to detail and value you place into providing potential businesses and their potential employees with somewhere great to work. No-one wants to work in an old-fashioned office with curling carpet tiles and 70s lighting – you’re far more likely to impress with a workplace that’s just as modern as they are. Flooring is a fantastic way to show value, and vinyl, in particular, is both affordable and high-quality in appearance without being too high-end, striking the perfect balance for businesses that are more focused on younger talent.

    If you want your property to dazzle when it comes to those all-important first impressions, then we are here to help. Tell us what you have in mind and we will help you find a solution to that all important first impression.

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