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    Carpet Tiles – back to black or shades of grey

    August, 2019

    Black carpet tiles increasing in popularity and grey remains on trend


    In this article, we consider why carpet tiles are perfect solutions for office flooring, and the advantages they offer. We also take a look at colour choices. We consider why black carpet tiles might be becoming increasingly prevalent on office floors and what makes grey still the most popular colour.

    Carpet tiles were invented around 60 years ago and were initially created as a cheap and hard-wearing alternative to traditional carpets. Along with their longevity, they are also extremely easy to transport and install, making them the ideal commercial choice. Carpet tiles have no need for underlay, so they can be laid straight down and are perfect for raised access flooring. Standard sizing means reduced waste from cutting to size (making them also a more sustainable option), and the tiling structure means that worn-out areas can easily be replaced without removing the whole carpet.

    So while many offices find choosing the type of flooring easy, with carpet tiles offering an almost perfect solution, one challenge is deciding what colour to use. Tiles come in a whole range of colours and patterns, and since your floor colour will define your office space, it’s important to get this right. Manufacturers are always introducing new colours and designs, yet there is and always will be strong favourites, and the reasons for this are evident.

    It is probably no surprise that grey is acknowledged as very much on trend for 2019 and will no doubt be for some time, but black carpet tiles are also still proving a real winner over the many different colour options available. In fact Progression Black Ice is by far one of Duraflor’s most popular choices.

    1. Hiding stains

    If you work in an office with a large amount of foot traffic, or where things may be spilt, then black is a great colour to hide this. Obviously, we would still recommend getting your carpet tiles cleaned as often as needed, but a dark colour helps to hide stains in between cleaning. Offices that receive large amounts of external guests always appreciate this, as nothing puts a potential client off as much as a dirty office.

    2. Colour versatility

    Black is an excellent colour as it matches with many other colours. With black carpet tiles, you don’t need to worry about the colour of your walls, ceiling or even office furniture, as they will all look great with black flooring. For office spaces that are often changed, or if you are considering repainting the walls in the future, then black allows you the flexibility to do this without needing to change the carpet tiles too. The other advantage is that black carpet tiles can be used in conjunction with brighter colour, we especially find that customers look to choose their company brand colours for standout.

    As with grey, there are also shades of black and often a subtle pattern with a black tile gives a high level of sophistication. We see that with our Natural Terrain Collection subtle designs in Escarpment, Plateau and Tundra Ranges being created to an even more dramatic effect when the summit is chosen as a colour option. We also know the combinations of black work especially well when using different shapes to create contrast, as seen with our Hexxtile range and Plank offer – especially Progression Plank.

    3. Formality

    As well as offering versatility, black flooring also lends your office a sense of professionalism and formality that more vibrant colours couldn’t offer. This does depend on the type of work you do, and the brand image you want to portray, but black will allow you to be formal where necessary – if you want to add colours you can always add splashes of colour to the floor with carefully chosen feature tiles.

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