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    Creating a remote office

    May, 2020

    Creating a remote office for the long-term

    The government-imposed lockdown is preventing many of us from heading to work right now but could also be shaping the way we work in the future. Many individuals and companies could be considering making what was once seen as temporary, now a more permanent working arrangement.

    1.54 million of us worked from home prior to the lockdown and there was always an increasing percentage of people who spent some of their working week no longer office based. With some of the statistics now being reported that is likely to become an even greater percentage post lockdown. The report we found stated that Londoners are saving an average of £57.78 per week by working from home and productivity is increasing, so employees and employers could agree it is advantageous all round.

    For those looking to make the move to home working more permanent, it’s  important to design a home working space that enables creativity flow and productivity. The design learnings we have from the office commercial environment should now be transferred to a more permanent home office:

    Choose colours carefully

    A great deal of research has been done on the psychological effects of different colours, specifically with regards to productivity. The colour that you choose to decorate a home working space with also depends on the type of work being done and whether there is a requirement to think creatively or methodically. Yellow, for example, is known to make us feel happier, while red makes us feel energised. The general consensus from most colour experts is if you’re designing a working space, cool colours, such as greens and blues, are the best choices to opt for. These colours are known to make us feel calm and balanced so that we are able to focus. When designing a productive home office space, choose colours that complement each other and stimulate the psychological response needed to be more productive.

    Incorporate nature

    In the current climate, the majority of us have been spending most of our time indoors. Venturing outside in the sunlight, however, is known to directly impact our sense of wellness. Sunlight is known to release a chemical called serotonin in our bodies, which not only helps us to wake up in the morning but can also help to prevent inefficiency, work dissatisfaction and depression. To bring more sunlight into an office space, see if there is an area at home that has plenty of windows and a good view, or consider options such as daylight lighting. Another popular feature is adding elements of greenery and plants into the design. You might find some additional inspiration in our blog on bringing nature into the office.

    Minimise distractions

    An untidy workspace can make a working mind feel cluttered because distractions have the ability to affect all of the senses. Office and desk solutions that effectively hide any cords and wires, as well as wireless technology, will ensure that the area has plenty of useful working space. A cluttered working environment can also stifle creativity by distracting the mind from focusing on a single task, so consider the direction of the desk, streamlined storage options, and other options such as soundproofing in the form of insulating materials. Every effort should be made to ensure a remote office is just as functional as a commercial office environment.

    We can assist our clients with their remote office requirements as well as commercial office project needs, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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