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    How to bring nature into the office

    September, 2019

    How to bring nature into the office – a different perspective


    There are many things that affect productivity and wellbeing within office design. Colour is a major factor that many designers will naturally consider. And, we have previously looked at shapes in office flooring, and how that impacts moods. What is also well documented by ourselves and others, is of course the benefits of biophilic design on both wellbeing and productivity.

    However, there are many creative ways too bring nature into the office design, so we decided to put a slightly different spin on all this.

    We consider the importance of shapes in more detail

    Research has found that shapes can have a profound impact on productivity levels. The greatest criticism is that today’s modern offices are rather clinical in their design.

    However, that doesn’t have to be the case. Studies have shown that people are drawn to and inspired by shapes that can be found in nature. A beautiful example of this is with the Moose Toys Offices located in Australia. On first entering their office, you can see a tree with a treehouse in it. The natural beacon is stunning and matches their brand’s values and core competencies.

    We look at how might you build shape into your office designs

    1. Decorate pillars as if they’re trees

    Feature walls are popular, especially living walls, but they don’t have to be the only green area. Consider both through plants and graphics, extending  trees out of pillars in the office. You might be able to create a natural forest feeling in the office and break down some of the clinical straight lines that define many offices. Green is also a great colour for enhancing moods within an office.

    2. Break up the ceiling space with hanging plants

    Hanging plants are a great way to break up square designs and are an effective way to introduce nature into the office. A few hanging up around the office space will break apart the unnatural look of square roofing.

    3. Add small trees to the sides of doors

    There is little you can do about the shape of a door, but you can hide how square it is by putting trees either side of the frame. And for windows, you can use window boxes full of plants to break up their design.

    4. Change the furniture

    Look around for desks that have curves or designs that look more natural. You can also incorporate more natural materials, this can be wood or stone for example.

    In Conclusion

    Using natural shapes in design is an important aspect of office design. Research has shown that it can help relax workers in the building and creates a more positive environment. In addition, it is great for improving the productivity and quality of work.

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