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    Three Flooring Trends for Autumn 2023

    October, 2023

    As the leaves change and the air gets crisper, DURAFLOR reflects on the more prevalent commercial interior design trends that will remain part of the 2023 Autumn period and see us into Winter.

    The season in many ways reflects the colours that currently dominate design choices, and that we associate with this time of year. Dark woods are making a resurgence in interior design, moving away from the lighter, Scandinavian-inspired woods that have been popular in recent years. While autumnal colours are a regular addition to the designer’s colour palette.


    Inspired by the relaxed 1970s interior design trend which swept the UK earlier in the year, warm neutrals and bold ‘feature colours’ are here for a while yet. Shades of beige, taupe, linen, and earthy terracotta tones are being paired with mustard yellows and emerald greens. To achieve this cosy yet eye-catching ‘feel’.

    Close-up of Natural Escarpment Bluff Brown
    6311 Natural Terrain Escarpment Bluff Brown

    Patterns reflecting nature or that give a room a natural flow are solidifying themselves as year-round favourites for specifiers, designers, and end-users.  These designs have been proven to positively impact the mental health of the end-user. Furthermore, Biophilic Designs are said to help build resiliency against stress and make the end-user feel more at ease.


    Darker wood luxury vinyl tile floor coverings, such as the darker colourways found in DURAFLOR Momenta, are making a strong resurgence into many specifier and designer’s plans for projects this Autumn. The deep, rich hues of dark wood flooring exude warmth. This flooring option also pairs beautifully with the earthy and warm colour palettes referenced earlier.

    4844 Momenta Walnut Oak swatch

    Moreover, dark wood LVT provides an inviting and timeless aesthetic, adding a touch of elegance to any commercial environment. Its durability and ease of maintenance make it a practical choice for those looking to make a space that is stylish and functional.


    Sustainability has become more of a constant than a trend. With designers and specifiers looking for flooring solutions that not only meet the day-to-day needs of the end-user, but also meet the needs of the planet with a reduced environmental impact. This means that floor covering ranges such DURAFLOR Cubism, which is made from Econyl yarn created from recycled fishing nets, and carpet tile backing options such as Envir0back are in demand.

    If we can help you with your project this Autumn, we are here provide advice and offer a fast turnaround on on-trend colours and designs for any sized project.

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