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    Hardwood without the headache for retailers

    May, 2018

    Want to get hardwood flooring for your business but without the headache – there is a solution: hardwood-effect vinyl.

    Creating a customer experience through considered interior design choices is increasingly important for retailers who wish to tempt customers through their front doors. New manufacturing and processing developments have made luxury vinyl flooring an astute and increasingly popular choice.

    Creating a customer experience

    Consumers have become more and more particular about when and for what reason they leave their comfortable sofas and the ease and convenience of online shopping to visit a store. However, the physical distraction of entering a bright, comfortable, and friendly shopping outlet is still considered to be a potentially pleasant and enjoyable experience.

    Retail outlets, including hair and beauty salons, are becoming more psychologically savvy about their interior design choices and considering ways of enhancing customer experience with comfort in mind. The choice of commercial flooring is considered one of the most crucial elements of any interior design upgrade. Real hardwood floors were once considered synonymous with luxury and durability; however, environmental concerns have decreased their popularity.

    A hardwood floor, in vinyl – an attractive solution

    Duraflor offer a range of wood-effect vinyl tiles that look luxurious and are a less expensive option for those who may have initially wished for hardwood floors. A broad range of textures, colours and styles have replaced the dull, scratched vinyl floors of the seventies and are ideal for any retail outlet. The range of colours and designs allow you to choose from formal to cheerful, sombre to light.

    A durable solution

    Hardwearing and easy to install, the Axis range from Duraflor with a Wear Layer of 0.7mm means it can be installed in the most demanding environments, offering an excellent solution for fast track installations in busy areas. Its surface is precoated by a PU covering, which ensures its durability and makes it easy to clean.

    Axis tiles’ resistant and durable features also make it an excellent choice for hair and beauty salons, which often require a durable surface, resistant to foot traffic and accidental spillages.

    A flexible solution

    The Axis range, one of many vinyl tiles offered by Duraflor, includes a broad palette of gorgeous hardwood looks – including light to darker oaks. These can even be mixed and matched to differentiate areas in your retail outlet if you wish to designate certain areas to specific uses within your business or showcase and direct customers to specific areas. As a Looselay Vinyl Tile, Axis also offers a great degree of flexibility as well as ease of installation. Being the same height as carpet tiles and easier to move around, means that as business sections move around, flooring combinations can be used to accommodate this.

    Duraflor wood-effect vinyl floors provide a safe, clean, cheerful, and comfortable place to work in, with a floor that is easy to maintain and a bright and luxurious place for customers to visit. With its advantage of requiring no adhesive, as well as a ten-year commercial guarantee, selecting Duraflor vinyl over real hardwood can be a great ecological and economic choice for a commercial business.

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