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    Have you considered hexagonal floor tiles?

    January, 2020

    The benefits of hexagonal floor tiles


    This article outlines the advantages which using hexagonal floor tiles can bring to your floor space, including the benefits which the shape offers over traditional square or rectangular variations.

    Although most designers are on board with using colour contrasts in commercial flooring, the traditional square or rectangular tile has remained a perennial favourite.  Popularity of hexagonal tiles is however on the increase: not only does a six-sided carpet tile open up a whole new selection of flooring design possibilities, but it also has a number of practical benefits. If you’re considering a carpet tile refit, or flooring for a new-build, here are four reasons why hexagonal tiles could work really well.

    Modern, attractive design
    There’s little doubt that hexagonal tiles have a stunning aesthetic. In a contemporary workplace or public space, a softer, wavy line adds a beautiful feature to the floor area, without compromising on performance or practicality. See our latest case study that demonstrates how attractive these feature tiles can look.

    Superb for awkward spaces
    Because of the shape of hexagonal tiles, they offer a more flexible flooring solution in smaller areas or those which have an awkward shape. There is potential to work the design out from the centre of the room, drawing the eye away from any unevenness or partial tiles which are laid at the perimeter of the space.

    Differentiate floor use
    Hexagonal tiles can be laid to show anything from directions to various parts of a building through to the positioning for furniture, the area where the lift is or to differentiate space for various purposes. Because of the novel shape of hexagon tiles, boundaries are defined without being harsh. Their use results in a highly practical space which is also attractive and soothing.

    More pattern permutations with hexagons
    Because a hexagonal tile has six sides, there is greater potential to design different patterns in the floor surface. This not only enables greater visual appeal, but it also provides added opportunities for isolating areas for a specific use, drawing the eye to a particular point in the room or creating a floor space that gives users information about the building in an accessible manner.

    The versatility of hexagonal tiles is one of the reasons that they’re growing in popularity as an alternative to more conventional carpet tile options. Ideal for office and commercial space, they also work well in reception areas, educational facilities, libraries and similar spaces which experience high traffic. Designed with durability, low maintenance and cost-effectiveness in mind, hexagonal flooring tiles are a flooring solution that delivers exceptional value.

    Get in touch to find out more about our hexagonal tile range and how it could work in your interior space.

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