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    Instagram ideas for interior designers

    August, 2018

    It’s no surprise that designers love Instagram. This highly visual social media platform combines aesthetics and communication, making it the ideal forum to share ideas and inspiration while exploiting visual marketing to build a brand.

    Instagram is built for image-centric content that showcases your use of colour, materials and design in a commercial context. More importantly Instagram lets you broadcast your portfolio prospective clients.

    Build your brand

    Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform, with over 300 million active users every day. Instagram for Business allows you to interact directly with your audience to build authenticity, trust and credibility. Humanise your brand using a distinct visual style – font, colour and high-quality images – to curate an image and culture that adds value for your customers and invites them to share your brand experience.

    For example, play up the natural textures of products by shooting at unusual angles or in tight close-up, urging your followers to see your designs with fresh eyes.

    Connect with your community

    Get the balance of your content right and you’ll build a community of followers who are all potential clients. Instagram’s new promotional tools mean that your marketing is less obtrusive and more inclusive, allowing you to communicate seamlessly with your followers.

    Use Instagram collections to curate your content and keep an eye on the competition or build a mood board that can inspire your followers and deliver the inspiration behind your latest designs.

    You’ll need to test and experiment with frequency. 5-7 consistent posts a week is a good place to start, before you start moving beyond product-centric images. Humanise your business with employee or event images, add videos and Boomerangs and try design centred inspirational images using specific products to deliver a message that moves beyond your business.

    Optimise your presence

    Once you’ve started to establish your presence on Instagram, you’ll need to start optimising your account. First, seek out the influencers in your business and start building a relationship by sharing their content and encouraging them to share yours – you’ll establish greater credibility with your followers and drive up to 10 times more conversions when you leverage their power.

    Next, utilise hashtags and site features including Collections and the popular Explore feature to leverage the power of Instagram to promote, improve reach and achieve your goals. Never underestimate analytics to help you measure the effectiveness of any given post – Instagram is already working on a suite of features that will supply users with invaluable consumer information, giving you the numbers for Insta-specific RoI to back up your usage.

    As more businesses chase the Insta-experience, optimising your visuals to appear Instagram worthy is where your commercial design business should be at. For example a picture of the herringbone parquet you laid in your new studio may be worth a thousand words.

    Duraflor have a very well received Instagram account that is designed to inspire and inform our customers why not take a look.


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